• Loyalty Marketing

    Independent and unbiased advice leads to the optimal strategy for your brand.

  • Social Loyalty

    Digitally connected consumers demand a new approach to brand loyalty.

  • Payment Consulting

    Profit lies at the intersection of Loyalty, payments, and marketing technology.

  • Business Intelligence

    Strategy is but a “best guess” without data analysis and predictive modeling.

Welcome to Hanifin Loyalty

Hanifin Loyalty is a full service agency specializing in Customer Strategy, Social CRM & Loyalty, and Lifecycle Marketing. We translate thought leadership into practical ROI-driven solutions and back up our recommendations with hands-on support and comprehensive tactical plans to enable Clients to successfully execute in market.

Loyalty Marketing

Whether you wish to survey the array of competitive loyalty programs in your industry, take inventory of global best practices that will open new avenues of profitability in your organization, or evaluate the technology choices available in the market, we can help.

Data Analytics

Through our partnership with Boire Filler Group, we provide Predictive Analytics, Data Management, Business Intelligence Reporting, and Customer Value Management. BFG has a fully complemented staff who have developed and utilized customized tools and solutions to improve marketing results.

Loyalty Truth Blog

Loyalty Truth is published by Hanifin Loyalty LLC and covers all aspects of Loyalty Marketing, Customer Strategy and all things Customer-Centric. Editor Bill Hanifin has worked with top companies in virtually every consumer facing industry across North America, Europe and Latin America.

Program Performance Evaluations

Hanifin Loyalty has evaluated and benchmarked over 40 loyalty software processing platforms on a global basis. Using a proprietary evaluation questionnaire and scoring model, we can help brands make the best decisions about platform selection and guide suppliers in becoming more competitive in the market.